Another Customized Option

Another Customized Option

In addition to customizing an existing ALIS course for your organization or team, we also offer the option to contract our services to develop a one-of-a-kind course for your organization. 

ALIS has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to design, deliver, evaluate, and improve training and education experiences for varied organizations.  We work side-by-side with our clients to reconcile training and education needs at enterprise, organization, division, team, and individual levels in the public and private sector. 

A systematic, comprehensive approach

ALIS employs a systematic, comprehensive approach to designing training and education experiences. Below are key components in our process:

  • Analysis.  ALIS conducts a comprehensive assessment to analyze current programs, identify needs and gaps, and work with stakeholders to define the desired results.  Assessment is the foundation to our instructional design process.  A comprehensive assessment ensures that the learning experience is properly calibrated to the organization’s mission, goals, and environment while addressing the individual and team performance objectives to achieve the desired results.  During the assessment phase, we determine with the client (1) what success looks like, (2) how we will measure success, and (3) what short-term indicators will be evident to monitor the path toward success or detect issues to address through early intervention measures.
  • Design.  ALIS works out from the analyzed and defined requirements to design possible approaches and frame a recommended approach for the client. 
  • Develop.  Upon client’s approval, the ALIS team develops the training and education package.  This phase includes development of courseware, to include:  instructor manual, and student manual, job aids, and a learner support package.  During this phase, we pilot the course and incorporate feedback to improve the course prior to full implementation.
  • Implement.  Upon client’s approval, instructors (which can be ALIS-only instructors, or client-based instructors, or a combination) deliver the course to participants.  Implementation includes the assessment of participants’ mastery of learning outcomes, and the implementation of a learner support package designed to reinforce, monitor, and support participants’ application of new learning to their work.
  • Evaluate.  While evaluation is formally executed at the end of the learning experience, the evaluation process begins during the assessment phase.  Starting with the end in mind, and educating by design requires a definition of the desired results and desired end state early in the process.  During the assessment phase, we also determine the methods by which we will measure results.  In addition to end-of-course evaluations, ALIS develops tools to measure impact beyond the learning event, and signs of success or early warning signs for intervention.  End-of-course evaluation data is also used to improve the course for your future participants.

For more information about contracting ALIS consultants to develop a one-of-a-kind course for your organization, please contact us.