Critical & Creative Thinking Tools

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2 Days
ALIS Training Center - Arlington, VA; or Client Location
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John Basso
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Up to 20 participants

In a recent Conference Board study, Human Resource managers ranked critical reasoning and creative thinking as the most important skill for employees.  In addition, critical and creative thinking skills are regularly cited by CEOs and HR professionals as key to work place success.  These skills are fundamental to successful problem analysis, solution development, and decision making tasks.  Research has found that adults can improve these skills by focusing on how to properly use tools and techniques that overcome biases and generate innovation. Through this interactive workshop experience, participants gain the practical tools and techniques that can be applied to a wide array of problem solving, analysis, planning, and decision making tasks.

Participants will receive job aids and resources that assist in implementing critical reasoning and creative thinking skills.

Who Should Attend:
Business and government professionals who would like to improve their critical and creative thinking skills and leave with a set of tools to improve work performance.  Participants will gain practical tools and techniques to enhance success in everyday work tasks such as project planning, analysis and recommendation for bid/no-bid decisions, prioritizing resources, developing a capture strategy, and improving and/or developing a client solution.

Availability and Delivery:

This workshop is available to organizations and teams interested in expanding their critical reasoning and creative thinking skills to increase effectiveness in problem-solving, decision making, and planning.  Organizations can use our Training Facility in Arlington, Virginia; or we can bring the training to your team as an onsite, customized workshop.  Please contact us at to discuss scheduling options.

Workshop Topics:
• How we think and biases that cause us to draw the wrong conclusion
• How to understand a problem in whole and in its component parts
• Developing a logical and systemic understanding of a problem and potential solutions
• Creativity and barriers to its use in the work place
• Developing innovative solutions individually or as part of a team using key techniques

Work Skills You Will Develop:
• Identify common thinking mistakes and blocks to creativity
• Develop a more complete understanding of a problem or issue
• Identify the root cause of a problem or issue
• Develop a concept for how to achieve project objectives
• Use cutting edge brainstorming techniques to generate options
• Design a creative solution through idea organization techniques
• Use tools in combination to successfully complete a project

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