Border Security Planning and Operations

Border Security Planning and Operations

ALIS works with Federal, State, and local clients to improve situational awareness, efficiencies, strategies, and plans for border operations. Our customers benefit from our depth of experience developing and working border security programs to counter drug and human trafficking and other border related crimes.
ALIS’ experience in Border Security Planning and Operations includes:
US-Mexico Border Security
ALIS was commissioned to improve border security strategy and operations along the U.S. – Mexico border through the development of an epicenter for security operations. The objective of the operational center is to plan, coordinate, implement, and evaluate interagency border security operations to counter the threat of organized crime, terrorism, and the flow of contraband and human trafficking to foster a secure border region.  ALIS provided interagency operational planning and information support for border security operations as well as developed plans to integrate a variety of communications systems, technologies, and databases into an interoperable system to facilitate Federal, State, and local interagency operations – to include the development of a reliable and easy-to-use common operational picture (COP) for all law enforcement agencies committed to border operations. 
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Border Security Planning and Operations

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