Emergency Operations Planning and Support

Emergency Operations Planning and Support

Hazards, natural and manmade, are an unfortunate reality in today’s world. ALIS’ priority is enabling our clients to limit the human and collateral damage and return to normal operating procedures as quickly as possible. Our customers benefit from our expertise in scenario and hazard-based planning, risk mitigation, stakeholder coordination, and emergency operations technology integration.
Hurricane Recovery Operations
ALIS’ interagency coordination, planning, and analysis team supported the needs of a commission on disaster recovery and economic renewal on the heels of a major hurricane.  The goal of the commission was to represent affected stakeholders in the region and thereby ensure support their rebuilding efforts.  The ALIS team developed standard operating procedures and any necessary guidelines for the conduct of the commission; facilitated public meetings; and developed and coordinated strategies and implementing plans for the recovery and economic renewal efforts for the affected areas.
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