John Abrams

President and Chief Executive Officer
General John Abrams is an experienced corporate leader. Over the course of his career, he has gained the trust and confidence of government executives, corporate management teams, and academic leaders in building teams to reconcile the challenges of homeland security. Trained, educated, and professionally developed by the United States Army for more than 37 years as a leader, strategist, planner, operations and training expert, and technologist, General Abrams rose from private to four-star general.
In 2004, John Abrams founded Abrams Learning Information Systems, Inc. (ALIS). Today, ALIS is a respected management consulting and technology company that offers the ability to reconcile the needs of government leaders and corporate management teams. ALIS provides clients with a wide variety of innovative management and technology solutions tailored to the client’s needs that can be readily absorbed in the culture and traditions of the client. John Abrams has recruited a corporate team of leaders, analysts, IT engineers, and functional experts across a wide range of disciplines, including corporate America, academia, law enforcement, science and technology, public policy, emergency management, and the military. Members of the ALIS team continuously demonstrate their ability to assess the environment, develop solutions, and support the client through implementation to achieve stated goals and objectives. The quality of our employees and consultants is focused on problem solving tailored to the needs of our clients.
John Abrams is an internationally recognized subject matter expert in border security, public policy, international treaties, operations, training and education, and technology integration. He served with General Jim Jones, the current National Security Advisor to the President for the Congressional Commission to assess the Iraqi Security Forces in 2007. He is also a recognized corporate leader in developing sustainable strategies and programs. ALIS’ Border Security Operational and IT applications support to the U.S. - Mexico border has enabled the area to significantly reduce border crime over the last two years. ALIS, under John Abrams’ leadership, is committed to supporting government agencies and corporations to improve preparedness and mitigate risk to the many challenges of contemporary threats and hazards.

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