Program Development

Program Development

Through a comprehensive understanding of clients’ operational needs and requirements, ALIS develops programs that are well defined and focused on achieving determined goals and objectives. Our commitment to quality assurance and quality control combined with our expertise in requirements validation ensures clients achieve reliability in their products and services.
Federal Doctrine and Publications Management System
ALIS worked with a Federal agency client to develop an infrastructure for establishing a doctrine and publication system across the emergency management enterprise. The ALIS project team conducted assessments that focused on internal operations, organizational effectiveness, and public-private best practices in publication management and development. 
Joint Interagency Training and Education Center
ALIS supports a state client in the following program development areas:

  1. Advising and assisting with the development of relationships and processes that support the use an interagency training and education center and a center for national response by Federal, State, and local first-responders;
  2. Assisting with the development of documentation to support Federal agencies with critical infrastructure protection assessments and training; and
  3. Developing associations that enhance the training and education center and prominence in the homeland security response and training community.

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