Strategic and Operational Planning

Strategic and Operational Planning

We work with clients across all levels of government and industry to develop comprehensive plans to address their planning needs while taking into account the interagency coordination necessary to achieve the highest results.

ALIS’ experience in Strategic and Operational Planning includes:

Federal Concept Plans
ALIS provided senior interagency planners to operate as part of an Integrated Planning Team responsible for the development of Federal Plans. The planning effort focused across the spectrum of homeland security operations. and addressed complex catastrophic disasters including terrorist use of nuclear devices, and radiological dispersal devices.

Joint Campaign Plan development
ALIS developed a national Joint Campaign Plan (JCP) to assist a client in developing a coordinated, systematic approach to achieving its goals and objectives for national support to domestic operations.

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ALIS' areas of expertise include:


Strategic and Operational Planning

Emergency Operations Planning and Support

Border Security Planning and Operations

Program Development

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